The Authors

Bob Weber as a young man Bob Weber grew up a "Navy brat", and in turn served in the Navy and Navy Reserve for 8 years, before and during the Korean War. He later was named "The Million Dollar Man" in a trade magazine as being the first retail furniture and appliance salesman to sell a million dollars worth of merchandise in a years time. From Shaniko to Pearl Harbor is Bob's personal story, as told to his loving wife, about a time in our nation's history that is imprinted on so many of lives. He was still a child when it happened, yet saw the truth of Pearl Harbor first-hand. In passing his story on to his wife, through Trinette he is now passing it on to the world.

Trinette Weber as a young lady Trinette Weber met her husband, Bob, when she was only 11 years old, shortly after he was evacuated to Portland from Pearl Harbor, following the dreadful bombing. Bob and Trinette dated on and off during high school and college, were married in 1951 and were blessed with 51 years of marriage.

After Bob was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, they worked together on his eye witness story including the story of his Dad running away from home at the age of 15, his own childhood in Hawaii, and then how he was one of the first people to see the planes arriving to bomb the island.

After Bob's passing, it became Trinette's passion and grief therapy to finish Bob's story As a labor of love and a legacy for her children, she finished the book and now sells From Shaniko to Pearl Harbor at the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii and at several other places including her flower shop, Trinette's Floral, in Portland, Oregon.